For sale is a helmet worn by Storm Troopers under The Final Order from Star Wars.  Designed by Do3d.


This item will be raw and unfinished. It is up to the customer to finish the suit by sanding, prepping, and painting. All post-processing will be completed by the customer. This provides complete customization.


Payment installments are available if necessary. Full payment is due upon final delivery. More info below.


Sith troopers were elite soldiers in an army raised on the planet Exegol by the Sith Eternal—Sith cultists who revered the dark side of the Force and were devoted to the Sith religion. Though they were not imbued with the power of the Force, Sith troopers nonetheless shared the name of the revived sect of the dark side, drawing inspiration from a dark and ancient legacy. As such, their red armor was reminiscent of Sith lightsaber blades and the Imperial elite, evoking an aura of fear and death. They were the culmination of an elaborate contingency meant to ensure the eternal reign of a new Sith Empire, returning the galaxy to a dark age of a thousand years past.


In addition to their namesake, Sith troopers drew inspiration from one of the most enduring symbols of military might: armored infantry units. During the Clone Wars, the image of endless legions of white-armored clone troopers symbolized hope to the citizens of the Galactic Republic. The Galactic Empire and the First Order appropriated this heritage in turn, transforming a symbol of defense into a faceless icon of fascist rule. The Empire spent decades attempting to strip individuality from Imperial stormtroopers, whereas First Order stormtroopers were trained from childhood to be even more loyal and effective. Sith troopers were fanatically loyal to the Sith cause, surpassing their predecessors in allegiance and obedience as a result of methods built upon and advanced beyond the Kaminoan procedures that trained the Republic's clone army. The best of the Sith troopers were elevated to the rank of Sovereign Protector, forming a cohort of royal guards stationed in the Sith Citadel and the amphitheater housing the Throne of the Sith.

Sith Trooper - Helmet

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    These are 3D printed. This means that during the printing process, there is a possibility of small imperfections.

    THIS IS NOT A WEAPON. This is for novelty use only. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure owning this prop made from PLA plastic is legal in their local area.



    All items are unfinished. This means that upon delivery, items purchased will still need to be prepped, primed, painted, and finished by the customer. Due to other obligations, Rhally Designs is not capable of finishing these projects. If there are special circumstances where there is a need for the item to be finished please feel free to reach out and we will do the best we can to work with you. Please visit the Post-Processing page on our website for a detailed description of how to complete these amazing props.


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    This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered "fan art" protected under Fair Use as I am not profiting from the item in a commercial way, I am only being paid for my services for assembling and printing/painting the item.